Forbes Energy

Forbes Energy has developed a new model for producing renewable, sustainable fuel and electrical energy. As one of the world’s most innovative energy companies, Forbes Energy is building a zero impact, energy facility by leveraging the power of sugarcane based ethanol and its derivatives.

Forbes does not burn Sugarcane Fields:

Traditional harvesting of sugarcane requires the burning of cane fields before the cane can be cut. Burning the cane causes serious environmental damage and permanently affects the surrounding ecosystem. The smoke from burning cane has a negative respiratory health effect on those exposed to it.

The mechanical harvesting tractors used by Forbes Energy cut cane without burning it first. The tractors, like all of Forbes Energy’s harvesting and transporting equipment are fueled by ethanol—produced on site. Not only does this mechanized harvesting technology provide an environmental benefit, but cutting “green cane”—it actually yields higher sucrose levels—means more ethanol.

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